Therese McKechnie, LSCSW
Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker

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Presentations are customized to fit the needs
and interest of your group.

These programs are designed for professionals and the general public to increase the ability to manage personal and family stress in one’s life.

Some examples of programs are:

Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

Your Last Chapter: Documenting Your Final Wishes
Making a Pilgrimage: Current Trends of an Ancient Practice
Pilgrimage: Addressing Grief, hope and Mindfulness
Grief and Loss in Contemporary Society
Diagnosing and Treating the Continuum of Grief
Family, Cultural and Ethical Challenges with End-of-Life
Navigating Changes on the Heels of Loss
Surviving and Thriving Through change
Living with Grief: When Grief Becomes complicated
Grief and Loss: The DSM 5, Commonly Used Treatments and Practical Applications
Ethical Decision-Making: Aging, Illness and End-of-Life
Children and Grief
Ethics and End-of-Life
Walking Through Grief at the Holidays
Managing Stress with the holidays
Finding Light in the Darkness: A Look at Holiday Grief
Gifts of the Hearts: Balancing Grief with Gratitude
Companioning those with Grief
Family Systems and Complicated Grief
Rituals in the Grief and Mourning Process
Ministering to People through Change
Worden’s Four Task of Grieving
Grief Tasks and Styles
Family Dynamics Following a Loss
Grief and Loss Among Peers
Cumulative Loss
Supporting Survivors of suicide
Grief and Estranged or Difficult Relationships
The Role of Storytelling in Dying, Death and Bereavement

Dealing with Aging Relatives

Understanding the Families Response to Eldercare Challenges
Baby boomers and Elders: Similarities and Challenges among the Generations
Helping Families with Tough Decisions and Difficult Conversations
Care Along the Continuum: Options and Resources Available to Help
Complicating Factors with eldercare: When things don’t go smoothly
The Great Balancing Act: Caring for yourself While Caring for Others
Dealing with Loss and Grief: Walking Through Changes in the Life Cycle
Surviving the Stress and Challenge of Dementia
The Business Side of Aging: The Wisdom of Proactive Planning
Working with “The System”: Cutting Through the Red Tape
Long Distance Caregiving: Tips and Suggestions to Help Manage it All
Spiritual Lessons in Caregiving and Aging
When a Parent Needs to Move: Assessing Options and Addressing Emotions

Mental Health Topics

Understanding Birth Order Positions
Moving Through Grief, Loss and Change
Discovering Joy, Creativity and Humor
Creating Healthy Families
Managing Holiday Stress
Creating A Vision and Manifesting Goals
Clarifying Boundaries In Relationships
Looking At Life Cycle Transitions Within Families
Building Self Esteem In Yourself and Others
Managing Anger Assertively and Constructively
Giving Yourself The Gift Of Forgiveness
Identifying Healthy Components In Relationships
Learning About The Unique Challenges Of Blended Families
Reclaiming Your Life Story; Learning To Tell Your Story Differently
Evolving As A Couple
Adult Children Of Alcoholics; A Guide To Recovery From Co-Dependency
Adult Children Of Alcoholics; Treatment Considerations In Mental Health
Dealing With Aging Relatives; Addressing the Challenges of Aging and Caregiving

Business Topics

Moving From Management to Leadership
Empowerment Principles and Paradigm Shifts
Stakeholders and Mission Statements
Adapting to Change and Managing Anxiety Within Organizations
Management Styles Using The Myers-Briggs Temperaments
Signs Of Immature and Mature Systems
Creating A Vision and Building Emotional Bank Accounts
Time Management Principles in Business
The System Dynamics of Addictions In The Family and Work Environment
Identifying Substance Abuse
Dealing With Aging Relatives: Addressing the Challenges of Aging and Caregiving